For Sale - UM - 21014 - 2" Egan Single Screw Extruder


Reference Numbers

UM - 21014


2" Egan Single Screw Extruder



Product Details

5 zones electrically heated, air Cooled, and non-vented barrel at approximately a 50" centerline height.
Extruder is mounted on a mobile cart with casters.
If the extruder is removed from the cart it will have a nominal 42' centerline Height.
Cone Drive gearbox has a reduction ratio of 10:1 and is rated at 19 HP at a Service factor of 1.0.
Gearbox is belt driven by a 25 HP D/C motor with an Allen-Bradley model 1395 drive
Unitized temperature control panel has fifteen (15) zones of controllers.
C clamp on the barrel discharge.
Gravity feed hopper with Conair DB 8 hopper loader on the feed throat.
Feed throat entrance is nominal 3" round.
Machine recently updated.
240/3/60 input on the barrel.
460/3/60 on the drive.
Several transformers included.
Extremely clean.
Ideal co-extruder.
Approximately 6,000 Lbs.