For Sale - PNE - 3323 - Rotogravure Printing Machine Graphics Standard Model


Reference Numbers

PNE - 3323


Rotogravure Printing Machine Graphics Standard Model


C. Trivedi & Company, India

Product Details

Up to 10 color rotogravure printing machine featuring top performance machine and efficiency to the growing demand in the flexible packaging market.
Incorporate devices to facility for production process increasing machine output. Modular printing station each being complete in it self for easy adoptability of extra station when required.

- Kind of web: Film, Foil & Paper
- Working width: Up to 1200mm
- Print repeat range: 400mm to 800mm
- Drying system: Single side / Double side
- Speed: 125 m pm
- Heating system: Electrical / Hot Air / Thermic Fluid
- Dimension of station: 500 X 22OO X 50

Printing head:
- Each station cast iron plate with individual foundation base.
- Festo make pneumatic cylinder & panels for imp. rollers doctor blade and other application.
- Shanti make cylinder drive gearbox specially develop to maintain the accuracy at running speed.
- Linear rack and gearbox assembly for registration control (motorized).
- Efficient drying chamber system with counter air flow inlet and centrally exhaust.

Unwind station:
- Fitted with auto tension control and edge guiding system.

- Auto tension control for rewind station with load cell. AC drive / powder clutch.

- Auto registration system
- Video scope
- Three drive system
- Five drive system (Infeed - Outfeed)
- Ink-circulation
- Airshaft 76 mm/150 mm adopter chuck

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