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RM - 3430

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Specialized Purging Compounds Designed for Specific Polymers

Chem-Trend is a company that is known around the world for its highly advanced release agents and we have leveraged our capabilities to develop state-of-the-art purging compounds. Our long heritage in creating innovative solutions for releasing molded products from metal surfaces has been applied to the releasing of colorants and carbon contaminants from extrusion equipment. We have used our knowledge and expertise to develop Lusin® purging compounds specifically for addressing the particular raw material required to be purged. In general, all polymers we address can be placed into three main categories:

Polyolefins (e.g. PP, PE, TPO)
High temperature resins (e.g. PEEK, PSU, etc.)
Engineered resins (e.g. ABS, HIPS, PS, PA, etc.)

Each type of polymer has different characteristics and properties which result in different purging challenges. Chem-Trend has spent significant time studying these challenges by working directly with thermoplastic processors on their production floors. We then develop, test and refine our products to overcome those challenges. At Chem-Trend we do not believe that a “one-size fits all” approach provides the best result; therefore, we offer a wide range of purging compounds to provide the best solutions to your processing challenges, including the challenge of utilizing NSF registered products.

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