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We are manufacturers if additives and masterbatched for producing stretch cling films. Stretch cling packing is a process in which a pre-extruded tacky film is wrapped around the product such as bundle, roll, pallet load, etc. of any shape and size to impart a firm grip to the packed products. The tacky characteristics of the film help in self adhesion of the wrap without any external aid.

Stretch cling film can be made out of EVA copolymer, PVC, or LLDPE. The film must have an excellent elongation property in machine direction and good tear strength in transverse direction. LLDPE is the preferred polymer for producing stretch cling film. Besides above mentioned characteristics, LLDPE also exhibits excellent draw down characteristics. Our cling masterbatch is based on polyisobutene (PIB). This imparts more elasticity to develop a better cling effect. The use of our cling masterbatch ensures a uniform dispersion of PIB additive in the film.

Effects Of Cling Masterbatch:
时间发展充分抓住效应是管理endent on percentage of cling agent besides storage temperature of the film after extrusion. Migration of cling agent and subsequent development of cling effect also depends on efficiency in cooling the film during extrusion. Faster the cooling of the film, lower is the crystallinity, resulting in a higher cling effect.

Cast films cool faster and therefore it provides better cling effect as compared to blown film.