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MOC and MCC Pigment Flushes - The Ultimate Pigment for Plastics

Spectramix MOC (Master Organic Colours) and MCC (Mono-Colour Concentrates) pigment flushes are intended for masterbatch producers and compounders.

MOCs are organic pigment dispersion in a low molecular weight polyethlene. A corresponding range called MOC-CO for PVC and polystyrene is also available. The typical pigment content in these products is 50%, but new products having 60% pigment concentration are under development. The fine dispersion, and free flowing, dust-free nature of these products offers many advantages to the plastics compounder. MOCs provide economy in use due to higher colour yield, higher outputs on conventional dispersion equipment such as twin screw extruders and kneaders, and lower down time for cleaning and changeover. In many applications, products having good dispersion quality can be made on simpler, lower cost equipment such as single screw extruders saving substantial capital expenditures. MCCs are late-down of MOCs to lower, typically 40%, concentration and are in the form of pellets. These are recommended where use of powder concentrates is not possible. MCC-pp, which are let down in a polypropylene carrier, are especially recommended for PP fibre and filament applications. A wide range of organic pigments of interest to plastic compounders are available in this range.

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