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Pre-Dispersed Pigment:
Universal Colorant is looked upon as one of the most eminent Pre-Dispersed Pigment Suppliers in India. The use of optimum quality materials in the manufacturing of the Flush Pre-dispersed Pigment ensures unmatched quality and inexplicable performance at respective applications. Moreover, customers are eased with the availability of the Pre-Dispersed Organic Pigment in varied colors and grades meeting the specifications provided.

- "Unicol" Pre Dispersed Pigments (Dust Less) are available in encapsulated dustless powder form/ pills/ pellet forms.
- No fear of cross contamination as it has no air born.
- Consistency in color strength and shade.
- We prefer the pigments of the same source from where you procure, hence no need to change your present standard purchase source.
- Now no more painful and troublesome process of milling / grinding of pigment as we take pigment to its elemental particle size and making it free air & moisture than after encapsulate it with help of dispersion aids.
- It works like liquid master batch, as it touches to 90 Degree C which its melting point.
- It can be directly mixed at compounding stage in mixer or extruder without the sacrifice of dispersion quality.

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