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Multi-Functional Plastic Enhancer

We manufacture Multi-Functional Plastic Enhancer with unique techniques (patent registered) and is specially designed for integrated plastic enhancement. This new product can be used in classic plastic where the mechanical properties, heat properties and processing potential are remarkably enhanced.

Main Content: Multi-Composites of Barium, Stronium, Silicon, etc
Average Particle Size (nm): <50
Specific Surface (m2 /g): > 33
Loose Density (g/cm3): 0.2-0.3
严格的密度(克/立方厘米):< 0.5
Activation Degree (%): 99

Product Properties
- Even particle size distribution
- High chemical stability, acid-base-proof, anti-aging against heat and oxidation
- Good dispersion
- Good wettability, good compatibility with plastic raw materials, good phase binding ability

Directions: Suggested amount of addition ranges 1-5%. In order to ensure a perfect dispersion, it is recommended to mix by a two-prop for the preparation of color masterbatch.

Packaging and Storage: Vacuum-packed in 25kg/bag or 50kg/bag. Stored in dry place and avoid direct light.