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Plastics Materials and Products are on the Frontline of Combating COVID -19


星巴克公司暂时禁止客户在报告美国第一案件Covid -19之后的一周内引入可重复使用的咖啡杯。
这些是活动家致力于w的紧张时期ean the world off plastics. Until the novel coronavirus started its spread across the globe, 2020 appeared to be a year when meaningful plastic-use restrictions would finally take hold. A growing list of consumer companies—including Coca-Cola Co., which produces about 117 billion plastic bottles each year-had set targets to reduce their reliance on plastic packaging. France prohibited single-use plastic plates, cups and cutlery starting Jan. 1, and England was to place restrictions on plastic straws and stirrers starting in April. On March 1, New York had joined a growing number of cities in banning the distribution of plastic shopping bags by retailers.



Plastic goods manufacturers add that their products are actually a boon to overall sustainability, despite being petroleum-based, non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Plastic packaging plays a role in reducing food waste by extending the shelf life of fresh produce from days to over a week. Plastic parts in cars also reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Most of these claims are based on a handful of studies, the most significant of which was done for ACC by Franklin Associates in 2018. It looked at the life cycle of products such as water bottles, shrink wrap and retail shopping bags and concluded that if they were made of alternative materials - say glass or aluminum or textiles — they would require five times the amount of energy to manufacture and use more water in the process.

Anti-plastic crusaders like Steve Feit, a staff attorney on the climate and energy team at the Center for International Law, says that the studies don’t account for the plastic’s effect after the product has been disposed into landfills.


在星巴克暂停接受可再填充的杯子之后,邓肯’和蒂姆·霍顿(Tim Horton)宣布了类似的政策。尽管美国外科医生警告说,他们并不特别有效,但面具 - 包括名人生活方式偶像格温妮丝·帕特洛(Gwyneth Paltrow)穿着的光滑的空气过滤模型 - 在全球范围内销售。许多药房还报告了乳胶手套的短缺。

The onset of an oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia triggered a historic sell-off in markets. Rock-bottom petroleum prices mean lots of plastic could be made even more cheaply in the long-term.

While BNEF said that it was too early to know for sure that COVID-19 is affecting plastic demand overall, it did predict that any spike would likely be temporary, and that as a result industry revenues would be flat or even up in the midst of a sharp economic downturn.

“In the long term, we do not expect this increased demand to have a significant impact on either plastic demand or circular economy goals,” the report said, referring to a future in which all items are either reused or recycled.

然而,塑料行业正在抓住这一刻。2月下旬,塑料行业协会负责人托尼·拉德索夫斯基(Tony Radoszewski)发表了一份声明:“由于全球范围内确认了新的冠状病毒病例,并且该疾病对公共卫生构成了越来越大的威胁,”塑料行业正在努力确保“患者获得“患者获得的情况他们需要的护理和医疗专业人员受到保护。”

The release concluded: “The global plastics industry stands ready to assist authorities and public health advocates in making sure our materials and products are on the frontline of combating the spread of the coronavirus.”

资料来源:莱斯利·考夫曼(Leslie Kaufman),彭博

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