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Rotomolding Overview Technical Seminar by ROMA


ROMA, Rotomoulding Association, is conducting the ROMA Technical Seminar & Conference in Mumbai on 14thJuly. The event will feature a host of leading domestic and international speakers

On the occasion of the conference, Mr. L K Singh, member of the Founding Governing Council, has conveyed the following message on ROMA and the rotomoulding industry

“Friends the Indian rotomoulding is among the fast growing manufacturing segments

1. The Indian Rotomoulding consumes 250,000 Tons of LLDPE/Annum

2. Additionally India imports Roto grade 40,000 tons of LLDPE of XLPE, Hexene, Metallocene, Octene grades and other resins like PP, Nylon, PC, etc.

3. Additionally, I believe we rotomould app 200,000 tons of recycled polymers,

4.It is estimated that there are almost 300 roto moulders in the Organized sector and over 1500 in the unorganized sector, in India, additionally there are 700 more in neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, & countries in South East Asia, middle east, Africa, etc., which are mostly serviced Indian rotomolding industry, by way of machines, moulds, manpower, additives, masterbatches, technology etc.

4. New emerging big players Astral, Aashirvaad, Prince, Kissan, Sudhakar, Supreme, and many more who have added new capacities of 72,000 Tons per Annum in the recent times;

5. In the fast growing Automotive sector the major players are BD Industries, Cosmos, Sintex BAPL Rototech, SMR Pliable, KK Nag, GMI Zarhak, Carris pipes, to and many more that have added new capacities and using XLPE and Hexene.

6. Additionally, all other small and large rotomoulders are growing and expanding fast too.

7. Apart from tanks, the Indian Rotomolding industry rotomoulds & offers a great potential in applications like the Material Handling, Automotive, Road safety, Infrastructure, Waste management, Recreation, medical, coastal & marine, defence, custom etc. Many new applications in the fields of Solar panels, waste-water treatment and many more are being developed.

8.The Roto sector is also set to double in next few years. There are new opportunities due to FTAs with various countries, like the very recent ones with countries in SE Asia, Australia, UK, some EU countries. India is becoming a preferred country for many developing countries but the capacities have to multiplied.

9.有趣的是,65%的生产s done in the metro cities, imagine the potential of the voluminous products of the rotomolding industry.

10. The application in India is Tanks 65% vs Non tanks 35%, against global consumption pattern of 35 v 65% non tank application, leaving a big gap, we have to catch up on.

11. The top 20 Roto moulders in India consume app 65%, and the small 35%, which is typical of most other industries in India. ROMA also supports small players, who will create a big growth in not so long a future.

The consumption pattern in India is dynamic and is evolving. Many municipal corporation like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Karnataka etc., have adopted the use of large storage tanks of 5,000 to 20,000 litres for communities, isolation/Quarantine centres.

12. The BMC, NMMC, TMC, MCD, NDMC, AIMS, and most metro hospitals have also adopted rotomolded products like Wastebins, Wheel barrows, Medical waste disposal bins, to mention a few.

13. The police, large properties, offices, and traffic regulating authorities have also adopted the use of barriers, cones, etc., in a big way. These are just a few obvious examples, but the new applications and consumption is multiplying.

12. The India Machinery mold manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

13.In fact the Roto sector is one of the fastest growing in plastic moulding Industry. The roto sector is also offers opportunity of unique & new products, applications, from prime or recycled polymers. The roto sector also includes roto machines, moulds, moulded goods, reisns, additives, masterbatches etc.

14.The roto moulders in India, like all other countries, are spread all over the country & nearby countries. The Roto products are very voluminous, and transportation long distances is uneconomical, thus spread out.

15. The existing roto players, the new comers & would be entrepreneurs of the roto industry, to prepare for meeting the potential and opportunities that the Roto sector awaits you, and invite you to expand and grow in this field. This is the sunrise industry in India.

16. The Roto industry does not produce any single use plastics. These are advantages to the credit of the Rotomolding industry. In fact during Covid peak times, last year, when many industries were shut, most roto moulding factories did not, as it served the essential services in medical and other important applications.

Finally, I would like to conclude with the ROMA efforts, endeavours and focus on development of the rotomoulding industry in India and abroad. ROMA also promote developments of Specialty products, High quality products with good standards.

ROMA also works closely with BIS, Bureau of Indian Standards of tanks & underground tanks. ROMA has already submitted new standard for specifications of water tanks and underground tanks. It is on the BIS committees, and doing a lot more.

Please visit ROMA website, and attend ROMA meets, for more information.

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