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PCM - 1611


Laboratory Presses
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Bench Type Presses Type Efor hot pressing of test plates or test specimen. Uniform platenheating and exact pressure control allow qualified press mouldings and high reproducibility.

Testing Presses Type Pfor semi-or fully automatic process. Pressing area completely closed by security door. Up to 5 pressure or temperature level as well as heating /cooling ramps can be preselected. Energy and time-saving by using the cassette system. Interface to PC.

Programme-Presses Type MHigh performance presses for R and D and production control.

Free programmable VME industrial standard computer with multitasking operating system OS9, with rugged EL-display.

High-Temperature Pressesin special design with special features for pressing plates and multilayers from high-temperature materials. Platen temperatures up to 500°C.

Platen Sizes: 200, 300, 400, 500 mm.