For Sale - PCM - 2010 - Turnkey solution for Gas Assisted Moulding Machinery


Reference Number

PCM - 2010


Turnkey solution for Gas Assisted Moulding Machinery

Product Details

Consultancy on product designing
- Component Feasibility
- Mold Design
- Gas process selection
- 3D gas flow analysis

Equipment and technology
- Gas injector systems
- Gas controllers
- Gas preparation systems
- Factory installations

Local service and Support
- Full service and maintenance packages
- Process and equipment training
- Access to latest developments

Benefits and Savings

Design Freedom
- Design plastic components
- Combining thick and thin sections

Improve product quality
- Eliminate sink marks
- Reduce distortion and warpage
- Reduce flow marks

Reduce manufacturing cost
- Reduce material weight
- Reduce production time cycles
- Reduce assembly costs
- Reduce energy costs

Reduce investment costs
- Reduce machine costs
- Reduce wear on molds
- Reduce mold costs

Use latest molding technology
- Versatile and easily applied
- Plastic Expulsion Process - PEP
- External Gas Molding - EGM
- GAS Cool
- True 3D analysis of plastic and gas flow.
- Water Assisted Molding - WAM
- Foam Technology