For Sale - PCM - 2619 - Complete Machinery for Carbonated Drink Caps


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PCM - 2619


Complete Machinery for Carbonated Drink Caps

Product Details

We manufacture set of four machines for making carbonated drinking caps. The production line is as follows

- Our molding machine, it can melt the studded plastic material, then cut into the cavity to make into different types of soft drink and carbonated drink bottle cap, mineral water cap it includes 24molds, touch-screen(computer-controlled), chiller, electrical box, feed-in machine and other spare parts.SY-30By is developed from SY-30B,SY-30By is hydraulic moulding machine.
SY-30B capacity: 12000pcs/hour, the dia range is 22mm-30mm
SY-30By capacity: 18000pcs/hour, the dia range is 22mm-45m; the cap height is 10mm-25mm.

- The folding machine is developed for those complex lids hard to match with bottle because the built-in anti-theft ring extends outward, it capacity is up to 15000pcs/hour

- The slitting machine is used for cutting cap; its capacity is 15000pcs/hour

- The lining machine mainly used for making inner mats for theft proof AL and plastic lids, it takes the dried national and imported EVA plastic grain as raw material which are plasticized, molded and pressed into lids by high temperature.
Capacity: 12000 pcs/hour.

There are two machines SY-30B (or SY-30By) and slitting machine for making water caps. We also produce machines for making curatorial cap machine make medical cap of plastic part, compounding machine is for making AL cap and plastic cap together.