For Sale - PCM - 2837 - Table Top Extruders


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PCM - 2837


Table Top Extruders

Product Details

Our single screw extruder is the standard unit for the continuous plastification of polymers. The newly designed table top machines combine high processing variability and exact control and adjustment of all parameters. The ergonomic design allows optimal operation.
The extruders having an output of between 50 and 3000 g/h are the ideal tool for training and science as well as for research for the testing of new materials in small batches.
SCD control: A new microprocessor control allows exact and extremely easy setting of all parameters.

We also offer extruder is a special design with separate electric cabinet.
The extruder is mounted to allow for both rotation and height adjustment. The design has a very small footprint and is therefore the ideal machine to build up 3, 5 or 7 layer co-extrusion lines.
This type of extruder can also be combined with the bigger Extruders of pilot machines.