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Four Wheel Bins


Hyderabad, India

Product Details

All our bins are made from only virgin (not recycled) raw material, for extra strength and life.
- Maximum strength UV additives, for long term resistance to bright Indian Sunlight (No corners cut).
- Full thickness "flat body" design (Some other bins, with "fluted bodies" that are much thinner, won't last as long
- 100 % recyclable at end of life
- Our wheelie bins have solid steel galvanized wheel axle with solid wheel tyres.
- Manufactured and tested to EN840 - DIN30700. (EN840 is the Europe wide standard for emptying interoperability and handling safety).

1) 660 Liter Plastic Wheelie Bin
- Weights: Rated maximum load 350 kg. Dead weight 45 kg
- Dimensions: H122cm - W124cm - D76cm
- Standard Colors: (other colors available for order of 1000 + units)

2) 1100 Liter Plastic Wheelie Bin

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