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公关- 3254


Mulch Film



Product Details

Made from virgin plastics processed in state-of-the-art machines, mulch films are available in various

Between 18 microns and 30 microns thickness ( black/silver)
Between 18 and 20 microns (suggested for short-season up to 3-4 months)
Between 25 microns and 30 microns ( suggested for 2-3 seasons up to 8-10 months)

We used black/silver films for crops such as tomatoes, chillies, peppers, cucurbits, eggplants, bottle gourds, bitter gourds(Karela), watermelons, strawberries, paddy and citrons.

Aids in saving labour costs and remove of weed growth under the film
Water conservation, due to the prevention of evaporation
Conservation of soluble fertilizers and expensive pesticides
The silver side reflects light, which improves plant growth and repels insects
Increases yield up to 40 per cent
Promotes early plant growth, early flowering and extended cropping season
Easy and complete removal of mulch time after the mentioned tenure