For Sale - PR - 1867 - Induction Seal Wads/Liners


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PR - 1867


Induction Seal Wads/Liners



Product Details

We are an integrated Packaging Organization manufacturing flexible packaging laminates / stand-up pouches and induction seal liners / wads

我们最近推出了一系列归纳Heat-Seal Wads/Liners includes universal for HDPE, PP, PS containers with various laminate combinations to suit applications such as: Lubricants, Engine Oils, Edible Oils and Pharmaceuticals etc.

Sure PET: for PET, PVC containers with various laminate combinations to suit applications such as: Foods, Oils, Juices, Toiletries and Ointments etc.

Glass SR: for treated/untreated Glass jars for Coffee, Pickles, Tea, Aromatic Products etc.

Retort Plus: for multilayer reportable containers with inner layer suitable for PP sealing, our 4layer nylon-based laminates offer high consistency for Ready Mix, Gherkins etc.

Single Piece Foam Liners: (PET+FOAM+AL FOIL+ Sealant FILM = Total only 0.6mm caliper)

- Using Paper, Board, Films, Foam, Expanded Polystyrene etc.
- 100% Food Grade Certification.
- Single Piece & Two Piece Liners.
- One Piece Foam Liners with 0.5mm caliper.
- Upto 7layer Multi-layer Laminate Structure for Corro sive Chemicals.

- Low Temperature Seals for inflammable products.
- Instant Tac generating resins for Seal-Thru-Contaminations.
- High Barrier Films/Foils to achieve set MVTR / WVTR properties.
- Special Peelable resins for easy-peel applications.
- Solvent Dry Laminations for high Bond-Strength.
- Export Worthy Packaging & High Temperature/High Tac waxes

- Printing upto 8colors, on films, foils, papers, boards & combinations.
- GMP Manufacturing facilities & 100% Automation and Capacities