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公关- 1777


Induction Sealing Liners



Product Details

The induction seal is necessarily an aluminum based multi layer laminate. This seal consists primarily of a Carrier or backing material Bonding layer Aluminum foil sealing layer specially multiplayer liners with laminates of polyester / paper / polymer / Lacquer either on the backing or the sealing side are also provided.
Options provided for structuring the induction seal are
- Carrier material: Board (waxed / poly or polyester laminated) EPE / EPE foam (XLPE)
- Sealing material: Aluminum / polyester / paper (glassine / poster / Kraft) / polymer / lacquer.

Hi - Tech Sealing Process
- Electromagnetic field can induce heat in a conductive material.
- Caps lined with the induction seal (either by gluing or by holding it in place by reinforcing crease) is screwed on to the container.
- The capped container is passed under the sea ling head of an induction sealing machine.
- The high frequency magnetic field generated by the coil induces an electrical current within the aluminum foil.
- This way the foil heats up and melts the seal film and wax.
- The sealing layer is bonded permanently to the opening of the container.
- The wax is absorbed by the carrier material.
- On opening the sealed container, the carrier material remains inside the cap where it consists as a secondary seal and the seal film will close the container hermetically.

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- EPE / EPE Foam (XLPE)
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Exclusively for PET / LDPE / HDPE / PP / HIPS / PVC / and Glass Containers, Cups, Jars and Tubs.