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PR - 2496


Metal and Plastic Bins


Hyderabad, India

Product Details

All our bins are made from only virgin (not recycled) raw material, for extra strength and life.
- Extra strength comb lift bar.
- Hot dip galvanised
- 1.5 mm thick pressed profile body for maximum strength and minimum weight, allowing maximum payload.
- Double skinned rotary molded polyethylene lid. Light and safe but tough and durable.
- Triangle lid locks as standard.
- High strength Trunnions (Din points) for lifting.
- 2 braked wheels and 2 unbaked wheels with 200 mm tyres
- Manufactured and tested to EN840 parts2.5 and 6. (EN840 is the Europe wide standard for emptying interoperability and handling safety).

1) 660 Liter Galvanised Metal Wheelie Bin

2) 1100 Liter Galvanised Metal Wheelie Bin

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