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Vinit Performance Polymers polyacetal (POM) extruded stock shapes are available in POM HOMOPOLYMER and POM COPOLYMER grades. These products are made using best raw materials in modern production facility under strict quality control regime. The result is highly crystalline stress relieved products of consistent quality conforming to international standards.

Polyacetal also known as polyoxymethylene (POM) is crystalline thermoplastic with high tensile strength, stiffness, resiliency, low coefficient of friction and very low moisture absorption. This broad range of useful properties in addition to its ability to retain properties over a long period under elevated temperatures, mechanical stresses and demanding environmental conditions make it an engineering plastic of choice for many applications.

Mechanical and electrical properties of polyacetal are not influenced by limited moisture uptake under working conditions. As a result, polyacetal exhibits excellent dimensional stability and dielectric properties. These characteristics make polyacetal preferred material over Nylons for metal replacement, precision mechanical components, under water components and components in sliding applications. It is non - toxic and can be used for food contact applications.

Polyacetal is amenable to standard metal working machine tools and can be fabricated with ease to yield smooth surface finish.

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