For Sale - PR - 1767 - Polyurethane Over Metal Molded Parts


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公关- 1767


Polyurethane Over Metal Molded Parts



Product Details

Metal bonded components: We cast PU on different metals like M.S., S.S., Aluminum, brass etc. We cast PU coatings on direct bearing also.

Semi Finished Material: We Manufacture PU rod, Sheet, tube, bush etc. Application like PU Spring, Striper bush, Press pad, Metal form pad, wear and cutting pad.

PU Rolls: We cast PU Rollers for different hardness and properties as per customer requirement. Application of PU Rolls like Metal Rolling and Processing lines, Metal forming, Ground conveyor.

PU Coated Wheels: We cast PU on M.S., Steel, Aluminum, cast irons insert. Application of PU coating wheel like Palette truck, Stacker, Forklift, trolley wheels etc.

PU Lining and liners: We cast PU Lining on different Metal with high bonding Strength. Typical Application of PU lining component is Vibro - finishing Bowls, Barrels and Drum, and Centrifugal finishing machine liners, Ball mills, Sewage handling Pipe line and chute liners.

PU Round Cord: We have PU Round Cord in ready Stock for Various Diameters. PU Round Cord Available in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm Diameter with 50 meter continues length.

PU Oil Seal and O Ring: PU oil seal and O ring are applicable in pneumatic and Hydraulic equipments. PU Oil Seal have a Property of High Abrasion Resistance, high Tear strength and Oil Resistance. We made Oil Seal as per customer requirement.