For Sale - PR - 1030 - Steering Wheels


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PR - 1030


Steering Wheels

Product Details

We started supplying Steering wheels as well as other insert moulded plastic components to all major OEMs to all leading automobile manufacturers.
We have a range of 50 to 450 Tonne automatic (with Micro Processor Controls) Injection Moulding Machines. In order to carry out work in metal we have Power Presses, from 15 to 250 tonne capacity, for sheet metal press components.

Product Line:
1.方向盘在PP (CP), ABS。
2. Radiator Fans in Glass Filled Nylon.
3. Bumper Cover in EVA, Zylog.
4. Cover Step Board in P.P. and Horn Pads in ABS.
5. Cover Electrical Lid Box.