Lohia Mechatronik kabra plastic extrusion machinery 用于主机的使用复合线 Lohia-tape-plant Hitco Mamta Reliance-Colymers
Lohia Mechatronik
kabra plastic extrusion machinery


技术已习惯upgradethe humble bandage. Research teams all across the world are developing smarter and more effective wound coverings and dressings, bringing together advances in materials, sensors, tissue engineering, and microelectronics. An overview of the smart bandages of the future:

通常需要30分钟的手动压力才能在血管成形术后堵塞失血。使用Axiostat,它可以在短短四分钟内停止。Axiostat是一种由100%壳聚糖制成的伤口敷料,这是一种天然存在的聚合物,在贝类中发现,在施用后几分钟内停止出血。已通过Axio Biosolutions Pvt开发。Ltd. Chitosan是一种自然生物材料,可用于医疗应用。Axiostat是一种类似海绵的敷料,是一种可用的产品,可以切成不同的尺寸以适合伤口。这个想法是创建一个甚至没有医学知识的人都可以使用的产品。该公司已为紧急急诊(紧急出血控制,停止出血),军事(用于快速凝块的壳聚糖海绵)设计,开发和商业化产品,可用于快速凝块 - 止血性敷料),血管(血管止血性心脏病学/放射学)和牙科(牙科)口腔出血,保护伤口)。该公司正在彻底改变世界各地的伤口护理,“虽然它看起来像干海绵,但当它与血液接触时,Axiostat变粘,并在血管上形成粘合剂。 All sides of the product are created equal, so there’s no right or wrong side or a prescribed technique to use the product. You just need to take it out of the packaging and place it on the wound. “Blood (has a) net negative (charge) and the product is highly positive, forming a strong adhesive seal,” says founder Mavely. The medical pad comes in multiple sizes - 5x5cm, 5x8cm, and 8x8cm - and can stay on the wound for upto 48 hours. The dressing can be removed easily using saline water, leaving no residue.

一名研究团队已经开发了一种智能绷带,该绷带将纳米技术纳入伤口敷料中,包括澳大利亚大学的科学家。下一代绷带可以通过改变颜色来提醒患者或临床医生对伤口的问题,并且可以自动释放聚合物胶囊中包含的抗生素。绷带中的传感器通过蓝牙连接到智能手机,如果绷带需要注意,绷带中的传感器会提醒医生。首席研究员Nico Voelcker教授说,这项技术依赖于能够检测到感染的微小传感器,而无需去除绷带并损害愈合。传感器能够检测温度或pH值的变化,从而触发红色的变化。它们还可以自动从聚合物胶囊内释放抗生素。还开发了传感器以显示何时压力绷带松动。来自墨尔本,莫纳什,新南威尔士州,昆士兰州和SA大学的专家联盟已证明了小型测试中原型的概念,但是他们需要更多的资金来进行大规模的临床试验。

Scientists in the UK have designed a new聪明的bandage which can detect how well a wound is healing and send a progress report to the doctor. The bandage, which could be trialled within the next 12 months, uses real-time 5G technology to monitor what treatment is needed and also keep track of a patient’s activity levels. It would connect that wound to a 5G infrastructure and that infrastructure through your telephone will also know things about you — where you are, how active you are at any one time. The plaster would help clinicians know the performance of the specific wound at any specific time, who can then tailor the treatment protocol for the individual.
斯旺西大学英国生命科学研究所主席马克·克莱门特(Marc Clement)说:“这种智能的敷料使用纳米技术在任何一个特定的时间内感知伤口的状态。”



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Reclamax single step plastic recycling machine

Reclamax single step plastic recycling machine