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CS - 164



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Cash Credit and Working Capital and Term Loan Requirements

Our Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries and affiliates in the areas of investment banking, venture capital and asset management.

Our Bank's cash credit facility helps you meet your working capital requirement and short-term funding needs, takes care of seasonal cash flow issues and allows you to leverage every business opportunity that comes your way. To avail of cash credit, all you need is a satisfactory credit rating, and preferably a working capital cycle of up to 6 months. Margin is either on inventory or receivables, with emphasis on post sales financing. While fixing margin on receivables the quality of receivables would be of prime importance. Tenor is for 12 months, with limits being renewed every year. Pricing is both risk related and market related. Security is both primary and collateral.

For Capital Expansion, Term Loan facility is also provided by the bank.

Primary: charge on the inventory and receivables. Charge on other current assets.


Personal guarantee of promoter directors/partner/proprietor. Charge on fixed/immovable assets.

Managing finance is arguably the most important component of any business. Two key business needs are access to funds at reduced, more competitive rates and managing the balance sheet as effectively as possible.

Our Bank has a team of experienced customer-focused relationship managers with wide sector experience who can offer you working capital finance by way of cash credit/working capital demand loans suitably structured to your needs and your risk profile. Non fund based facilities such as bank guarantees and Letter of Credit are also offered at competitive rates. We also facilitate working capital finance with other products such as trade finance, for ex, derivatives and cash management.