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CS - 189



Product Details

Investment Banking Facility for SMEs:
Our services:
- Arrangement of debt funding (both working capital for day to day running and term finance for expansion)
- Arrangement of equity funding
- Arrangement of structured financing products
- Facilitate mergers and acquisitions
- Arrange funding for mergers and acquisitions

- We have extensive network for the last 32 years with the leading financing institutions in India and the world
- We get you the best financing product customized to suit your particular need at the cheapest price
- We improve your bottom line significantly (net profit) by replacing your high cost debt (both working capital and term debt) with cheaper debt
- With improvement in bottom line, we make your company attractive for entry of world class private equity funds
- Subsequent to this we can arrange private equity funding at optimal valuations and even design convertible structures, so that equity gets converted at future high valuations (may be three years from the time when the money first enters your company) and not at current valuations (when performance is low and subsequently gets improved in future with the arrangement of private equity funding by us today)
- Facilitate mergers and acquisitions through our extensive networking in India and abroad
- Arranging efficient funding packages to buy front-end marketing companies globally to sell your products worldwide or buy cheap raw material sources / vendors in India and abroad

What do we need from you?
- A well designed strategic plan for you which will facilitate quick funding - debt or equity
- Last three years audited balance sheet
- Next five years projections: balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow and funds flow statement
- CMA data
- Availability of top management for meeting with debt funds and private equity funds using corporate presentations