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Aluminium Roto Molding Mold Manufacturing business on sale

We are a leading aluminium rotmoulding mould manufacturer based in India.
We enjoy market leadership in terms of exports of rotomoulding moulds to Europe, USA and other developed markets. We are equipped with designing facilities and related software.

- Unit also has 1.8 meter Carrousel and 3.6 meter Shuttle roto moulding machine for taking trials

- Most of our casting, pattern making and machining equipment are from UK.

- We also produce specialized products for niche markets such as roof top canopies for excavators including JCB machines. Our rotomolding business is also available for sale along with the aluminium mold manufacturing unit

- The unit consists of a high quality aluminum foundry unit with Omega (UK) made MMI (PLC & HMI) operator interface ~10 ton sand extrusion mixing with 2 x 5 ton silos, sand chemical pumps, and sand recirculating, sand chiller, sand mold breaker, compacting table, with auto tagging for PLC, & a Rotary Degasser, using inert gases (all UK manufactured) with main furnace 2 tons per day capacity & a separate pre heating/annealing furnace with sand boxes, ideal for making high quality porosity free castings.

The unit also has full pattern making facility with Wadkin and other UK manufactured, planer, bobbin sander cum disk sander (bore & dia), bandsaw etc., with all tools and tackle, like pouring ladels, crucibes and additives and know how for making high quality castings for making rotomolding molds, thermoforming / vacuum forming, blow molding molds for the plastics industry and other industries.

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