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Barrier Films Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a leading provider of packaging solutions to a wide variety of industries. Today our customers rely on us for quality products which are delivered on time. This trust has been built on a strong foundation - our experience. We boast of high quality standards because of our infrastructure. Over the years we have also built a strong management system which not only responds to client needs but continuously strives to exceed expectations. This is evident in the strong business partnerships that we establish with our customers.Top


We manufacture wide range of Barrier Films such as 3 layer Edible oil packaging film, 5 layer Edible oil packaging film, 5 layer Clearex Films, Edible oil packaging film (speciality film product available plain/printed [high quality flexography, print on all flexible films upto 8 colours]), Milk films, Lamination films & Stretch Wrap Films, Shrink films / Heavy Duty Industrial Liners & BagsTop


We manage our customer relationships better by a customer service division that can respond to customer needs within hours. Our client list includes Hindustan Lever Ltd., National Dairy Development Board, ITC Agro-Tech Ltd., The Paper Product Ltd. Shrink Films, Bags, Tubing, Lamflat, Printed & Unprinted Bags and Packaging for the Glass Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and Beverage Industry.Top


障碍的电影讲述了QIQO (Quality In - Quality Out) Policy while sourcing from its vendors. This ensures that our products have the same high level of quality that our clients have come to expect of us. Our quality process encompasses all aspects of our business. Quality is a three-pronged process at Barrier Films. Firstly, we take the time and effort to choose the best vendors to procure our raw materials. Secondly, we setup systems and processes to ensure that quality is observed at all levels of production. Thirdly, we create the infrastructure and human intellectual capital to supervise the administration of all standards. All of the above put together delivers unparalleled level of quality, value and service to all our customers. We are continuously striving to achieve even higher levels of reliability in our processes and are moving towards Zero Defects and 100% on time deliveries. Today we are proud to announce that we have been recommended by the IIP for excellence in our processes. We will continue new product development and reengineering of existing operations to bring even greater value to all. We are also committed to protecting the environment.Top

AddressBarrier Films Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Vijay Mehta Director
AddressB-31, Ground Floor , New Empire Ind. Estate , Kondivita Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 059, Maharashtra, India.
Contact Number91-22-836 56 25 / 839 48 88
Fax91-22-836 59 01
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