Manufacturer of Colour Masterbatches, Exporter of Masterbatches and Calcium Compounds / Talc compounds

Manufacturer of Masterbatches, Additive, White, Black, Colour Masterbatches, Calcium Compounds
Manufacturer of Masterbatches, Additive, White, Black, Colour Masterbatches, Calcium Compounds
About us
Malson Polymer Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as a dynamic company that focuses of delivering a responsive high quality service for bespoke colours, in universal, commodity and engineering polymers, as well as custom additive blends. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting a complete range of masterbatches and calcium compounds/talc compounds.
We have capability to develop custom colors to an exact match in less time, than it takes to get a standard off-the-shelf universal product. The latest manufacturing facilities are backed by the team of highly experienced engineers. A well defined Quality Management System is followed at every stage to ensure eco-friendly products at par with International Standards. We offer excellent technical support to our clients through Technology & Application Assistant Cell, thus enabling them to improve their processing capabilities. We are committed to make every deal a pleasant business experience.



We offer Colour Masterbatch for all kinds of Polyolefin. Our Masterbatches are being widely used in various products like Bags, Films, Tarpaulins, Woven Sacks, Tanks, HDPE Duct Pipes, Drums, Combs, Household products etc. Colour Masterbatches


We manufacture high quality white masterbatches that provide excellent whiteness and high opacity. White masterbatches find application production of very thin Films, Tapes and Blow moulded plastic components. White masterbatches can be used in conjunction with pigments for bright and clean shades. Our range of white masterbatches are highly filled and free of low molecular waxes.
Applications of MPPL White Masterbatches:
• Single and Multilayer PE films
• PP, HDPE Tapes and Monofilament
• Bi-Axially Oriented and Cast PP films
• Laminated Tarpaulin. Injection and Blow moulded items
White Masterbatches


Applications of MPPL Carbon Black Masterbatches:
• PE films and Laminated Tarpaulin
• HDPE Pipes for Agriculture and Telecom Duct Pipes
• Engineering Plastics and Automobile Industry
Carbon Black Masterbatches


We specialize in producing high quality additive masterbatches used to improve heat-conduction property of plastic material to reduce molding period. Additive masterbatches also improves the rigidity and tightness property, while removing the surface light from the plastic products. Our range of additive masterbatches can be availed in different specifications at the most reasonable prices.
The main additives in this range are:
• Special Additives like Optical Brighteners
• Blowing Agent, PP Clarifying Agent, and Antistatic Agent
• UV Stabilizers and Antioxidant MB
• Flame Retardants for PE and PP Compound
Additive Masterbatches


Special effect masterbatches usually include special pigments or fillers to achieve different colouring effects such as marble, metallic, phosphorescence, glitter, fluorescence, wood or granite. Colours that change under the influence of temperature or ultra-violet light are also possible. We offer special effect masterbatches in manufacturing of Toys, CDs, Plastic Chairs, Cosmetic Bottles, etc.
The Range of Special Effect Masterbatch:
• Metallic effect
• Fluorescent effect
• Pearle Scent effect
• Transparent MB
• Marble Granite effect
Special Effect Masterbatches


Applications of MPPL filled compounds:
• Woven Sacks
• Films, Raffia tapes, Injection moulded furniture
• Injection moulded items, Automobile Components
• Household Appliances
• Roto moulded products and Extruded items
• MPPL has the R&D infrastructure to develop and test compounds to meet specific requirements
Calcium Compounds/Talc Compounds


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