Engineered Polymers India Pvt. Ltd.

Engineered Polymers India Pvt. Ltd.
Material Offered

Cast Nylons Extruded Nylons

Acetal (POM)

PBT Polycarbonate

Sulphonic Polymers (PES, PSU, PPSU)

Noryl (PPO)
Ultem (PEI)



Machined parts of engineering plastics

注:以上材料各gr是可用的ades & in the form of stock shapes like rods, plates, tubes & machined parts.

All our products are free from blow holes & pin holes or any other structural integrity.

We cater to number of Indian and MNC Customers like ABB, Audco, Faively, GE Health Care, Hyundai, LM Glasfiber, Millipore and SKF amongst others.

More than 50% of our production is exported in one form or other. We cater to a large segment of Industry ranging from Food Processing, Robotics, Textile Machinery, Railway Equipment to automobiles.