Vinit Performance Polymers Manufacturer of Engineering Polymer Stock Shapes


Vinit性能聚合物分公司。is a specialty company engaged in conversion of new generation engineering plastics into stock shapes used for machining of engineering components performing under demanding conditions of load, friction, wear, thermal/electrical insulation and corrosive environment. The closely held company is a part of Bheda group of family owned companies and is managed by USA trained engineer having over two decades of collective experience in engineering plastics conversion business in this part of the continent. Under the POLYMAT brand name, company manufactures stock shapes namely Rods, Blocks and Tubes in the range of 6 mm dia to 200 mm dia. from variety of performance polymers. They include polyolefins (HDPE/PP) for moderate thermal and load conditions with average to good chemical corrosion properties, Polyamides (Nylon 6 and 6,6) for low friction and load bearing capacity Polyacetals (Homo and Co Polymer) and Polyester for electrical as well as bearing properties with dimensional stability. The company has in house capabilities to provide material modifications and tailor made stock shapes for custom applications. Our High performance materials portfolio comprises of Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), Polyethersulfone (PES), Polyetherimide(PEI), Polysulphone(PSU), and PolyetheretherKetone (PEEK) for applications requiring good mechanical properties at elevated thermal conditions. The envelope continues to expand as a result of our process development initiative.

的同情ny has modern state of the art manufacturing plant at Navi Mumbai, conveniently located from port, International Airport and Business Center of Mumbai. The facility includes new generation extrusion lines capable of extruding high performance materials under controlled environment, raw material pre treatment dehumidified drying units and post treatment stress relieving lines, machining facilities for fabrication of custom components as per customers design include precision fabrication machines for turning, milling, drilling, boring etc. The company is qualified under ISO 9001:2008 and operates under strict Quality Control regime employing advance techniques like, Ultra Sound, Fiber Optics and Digital Microscopy to ensure high standards of product quality.