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KAIVANYA EXTRUSION TECHNIK Company, is a work team of manufacture, sales & professional design plastic machinery screw & barrel. Specialized aimed to service the injection & extrusion plastic products and enterprises, & we engaged in the particular design the screw & barrel as our customized, technical guide, sales & export etc for our customers. Meanwhile, we act as a agent of all kinds of plastic machinery, such as recycling extrusion machinery, injection molding machine or all kind of extruders. We will do & meet all the customers' requirement. Ever since it was founded, we insist on the principle of quality first, honest to customers, the quickest service for customers� to improving us, our goal is to satisfy our customers. With our full awareness of the important of screws, barrel & other accessories in the plastic machinery industry, we have imported the world's most advanced production techniques & equipment during the past several years from best producer bimetaic north America. Followed up with & reformed the international advanced techniques, & developed as series of corrosion, abrasion & high temperature resistant special products that have gained good reliability. Now, our products are sold far away in India various states & export with All over world. With the continuous developed & cooperation, we will forever keep the word to our customers, & provide our customer new information of the products & offer our customer good quality products with good price.


All types and sizes of molds are available according to customer requirements.

Screw and Barrel for plastic extruder

Spiral grooved feeding zone

Variety disight to assist mixing

High mixing screw for rubber extrusion

Non-intermeshing counter-rotating twin screw

Feeding screw

High productivity twin screw and barrel

Injection screw & barrel


High efficiency type screw / screw rods exclusive for psp foamed sheet

Brief introduction for special alloy surface coating

High mixing and vent type screw

High mixing high productivity screw rods and general type screw rods suitable for HDPE, LDPE, LLD.

Static mixer

High efficiency filter

Variety screw element

Gear reducer


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Company Name Kaivanya挤压Technik
Contact Person Mr. Kiran Shah / 94260 79160 / 94274 98025

203/1/B/7, Arvind Estate, Nr. Ambuja School, Opp. Prabhuvir Society, Bhidbhanjan Hanuman, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad. INDIA.

Contact Number +91-79-22730465
Contact Number +91-79-22730431
Email kiran_arihant@hotmail.com, info@kaivanyaextrusion.com
Website http://www.kaivanyaextrusion.com
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