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Fixopan specializes in offering an invincible range of Rotation Moulding Machines, Moulded Plastic Products, Material Handling Products, Moulds, Pulverizers, other accessories besides offering a number of customized plastic moulded products covering Garbage Bins, Planters, Pallets, Security Cabins, Beach Cabins etc. Fixopan understands the needs of its clients for Rotomolding Machines, Shuttling Machines, Carousal Machines, Rotational Molds, Pulverizers, Rotomolding Accessories, etc. The company tries its best to fulfill all the needs of a Rotomoulder under one roof. With the growing scope of the booming plastic rotomolding industry, Fixopan is successful in attaining the best of the quality levels and worldwide acceptance.
At Fixopan, we have a group of engineers, who specialize in manufacturing rotomolding machines and equipments. After an experience of 20 years, nearly 300 plants, working in nearly 70 countries worldwide and building nearly 15,000 moulds, Fixopan is a force to reckon with in the international market. Repeat orders from clients in Austria, Canada, Greece, Poland ,Saudi, UAE, Sri Lanka and other countries speak volumes about the capability of Fixopan machines and molds.
Fixopan Factory is situated near New Delhi (Faridabad) and has 100,000 sq ft area with 65,000 sq ft built up, manufacturing rotomoulding machines, material handling equipment, molding machines, material handling products. Fixopan has in-house Machine shop with 30-40 machines including large & small Lathe machine, Shaper milling, Surface grinding machinery, Slaughter, Radial & Fix drill Machines, Balancing Machine, & Power Hexa etc. The Fabrication shop has ARC, MIG, TIG Welding, Press break, Rolling machine, large and small automatic shearing machines, large shop with full complement of hand tools, Electric and Pneumatic grinding machines, sand/shot blasting etc. The Foundry consist of equipment such as with mixer, furnace, molding boxes and being run by our trained foundry man.
We have complete in-house pattern making, in which our expert pattern makers design wooden pattern, Fiber pattern, PU Pattern & Resin pattern. We have AutoCAD, die-casting and mold building facility. We can design, develop, make prototype molds and supply in remarkable short time and cost.
Fixopan has special equipment and techniques for the testing facilities such as Melt flow index testing, Textile Testing, Elongation, Hardness testing, Surface examination, Ultrasonic Test, Sieve Analysis, Impact Testing, Fuel Tank Vibration Testing

Shuttling Arm Rotomolding Machines - FIXOPLUS

A modular, highly aerodynamic, independent indexing, multi-arm indirectly fired rotomolding machine, with a number of features like inert gas injection & high pressure air injection for transvectors; and controls using MMI Interface with a PLC, featuring individual mold recipes, visual audio alarm, maintenance programs, and a hoard of safety interlocks and other features. FixoPlus is a highly efficient machine and gives even heat distribution with a very good hot air recirculation, using minimum power and fuel. FixoPlus Rotomolding Machine is versatile for producing any kind of simple or complex Roto parts e.g. tanks. Automotive products like bull bars, roof racks, bumpers, etc., planters, garden furniture, mannequins, medical equipments/ surgical units, toys like rocker, slide, baby pool, school bench and many more.
The unique feature of this machine is the number of arms, which can vary from 1-8 or more independent indexing arm on individual trollies. The machines can have a stationary oven with one or two arms or configured to move oven mono-axially and accept arms from one to as many as ten arms. This also gives the freedom from chronology of arms. A typical two arm, FixoPlus could produce 100 tanks in eight hours, using designs where the lids are molded along with the tanks. This could mean a production weight of 1.3 tons or 40,000 overheads, administration, labor, power, fuel, etc. is nearly the same as a smaller rock and roll machine or a lower technology machine, where the output may be one third. The machine is very economical.
Shuttling Arm Rotomolding Machines

Carosal旋转机械 - 固定器

FIXOTRON range is the classical Rotomoulding Machinery, Plastic Moulding Machinery Indirectly fired, independent indexing hot air recirculating. FIXOTRON range is offered in six standard sizes. These Rotomoulding Machinery, Plastic Moulding Machines are capable of producing articles of capacities upto 10000 liters respectively, using 1 to 4 million Butane/Oil/Gas. Burners installed in the fire chamber for heating the air, circulating inside chamber. The flame on FIXOTRON Range is modulating type, and automatically adjusts to the set temperatures. Fixotron are most sold type of plastic moulding machines, world wide.
The Fixotron range offers a man machine operator interface, which offers the facility of auto warning maintenance, recipe and production history records, auto audio/video warnings, etc. These machines incorporate various additional features like inert gas injection, high pressure air injection and transvectors, predetermined position stops in the oven for localized heating, and in load/unload station for facilitating the operators, using technology for faster heating and cooling cycles, using minimum floor space, using less manpower, auto production program, auto charging, multi layer parts with upto five layer roto molded parts and a horde of provision for efficient Rotomolding economically.
Carosal Rotomoulding Machinery
Carosal Rotomoulding Machinery

旋转模具 /旋转工具

A large variety of molds like CNC Machined Aluminum Molds, stainless steel molds, cast aluminum molds, machined molds. The company has exported over 15,000 molds for the products such as tanks (of various capacities and shapes), Engineering products, canned-look garden furniture, toys, mannequins, automotive components, huts, planters, flowerpots, waste bins and a host of others products. In order to meet the requirements of its clients, FIXOPAN offers mild steel molds, stainless steel rotational molds, cast aluminum molds, CNC Machined Aluminum Molds, teflon-coated molds and so on. Products are developed to meet client requirements. FIXOPAN also uses CAD- system and can offer any kind of mold for Rotational Molding.
CNC Machined / Cast Aluminum Rotational Molds
Fixopan has been manufacturing cast aluminum molds for many clients across the globe specially for the European and North American markets. The company has made and exported hundreds of rotational molds of products such as planters, can-look furniture, lamp posts, fuel tanks, toys, automotive components, medical equipments, industrial and custom parts.
Stainless Steel Rotational Molds & Mild Steel Rotational Molds
Fixopan has been manufacturing sheet metal molds for approximately 2 decades and has close to 15000 molds for over 240 clients in 70 countries worldwide. Fixopan has in-house facility of fabricating, assembling and testing of Molds. It has expertise in 2D/3D designing and expert mold making in terms of quality to be amongst the best in the world. Fixopan is renowned for its high quality mirror finish stainless steel molds. FIXOPAN offers a variety of rotational molds be it furniture's recreational products, tanks, multilayer article, cabins, and so on. The size of objects range from objects as small as that of a Ping-Pong ball to 100,000 liters molds.
旋转模具 旋转模具 旋转模具最佳


磨煤机Fixopan享受完全非盟的设施tomatic operations with predetermined sequence of operations such as Automatic granule lifter, Automatic on and off feeder, Automatic controls of mill temperature etc. Fixopan offers various models of pulverizer that are of high quality sturdy machines, which ranges from 40-300kg/hrs The models of pulverizing machine ensure the production of pulverized material from plastic granules for the manufacturing of high quality final products. Fixopan pulverizer can pulverize LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and various thermoplastic materials and can offer to develop other kinds of pulverize for different materials on request.
Pulverizing Machine Pulverizer Blade
Pulverizing Machine Pulverizer Blade

Rotomolding Accessories

Rotomolding Accessories Rotomolding Accessories Rotomolding Accessories
BOOM CRANE举起并移动重物;举起铲球被悬挂
boom that rotates around a vertical axis.
桌锯is used for initial size reduction of large plastic items. MIXER使用to color the plastic granules as per the end product's requirements
Rotomolding Accessories Rotomolding Accessories Rotomolding Accessories
GRINDERhas a series of rotating blades driven by an electric Motor. Materials are fed into it and the end result is a pile of coarse, irregularly shaped plastic flakes, which can further be processed. EXTRUDER使用to pre-plasticize soft plastic by heating, rapid cooling to solidify the materials into 'spaghetti' form.
使用to reduce the 'spaghetti' into small irregular grains, which is further used for pulverizing.
搅拌机使用to remove the unwanted moisture from the pulverized plastic powder

Products on Fixopan Mold

Customized plastic moulded products like: Garbage Bins, Planters, Pallets, Security Cabins, Beach Cabins etc.
旋转塑料 旋转塑料 旋转塑料 旋转塑料

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