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Neelam制造商is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India based rotomoulding and rotational moulding machine manufacturer Our range includes Single and Twin Mill Pulveriser, Open flame and Closed type Rock N Roll Machine, Scrap Grinder Machine, Box type Oven machine, Biaxial Machine and SS, MS and Aluminium die casting moulds. We are India's leading exporter of rotomolding machines, with cutomers in UAE, Dubai, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Ghana, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sharjah, Oman, Kenya, Kuwait, Argentina, Lebanon, Africa, Bulgaria, Russia, Uganda, Vietnam, Mauritius, Yemen, Bahrain and others.


• Machine operated by Control Panel
• There is A.C. Variable speed for Major and Minor Axis of the arms
• Provided limits for the oven and door while forward/reverse and open/close respectively
• Inter Locking System available for moving arm, door and oven
• Automatic on/off system available for the burner to maintain required temperature


•对于露天岩石'n'滚动机,需要宠物在地面上,头顶起重机 /葫芦才能加载
and unloading the moulds of the machine
• Easy to operate, low maintenance, minimum manpower required
• The ultimate machine fixes large size hollow tank products
• Machine avaulable till 40000 litres tank products capacity
Open Flame Rock 'N' Roll Machine


• Grinding Mill for Microfine Powder, Consistent Powder Quality
• Feed Hopper, Air Lock Valve with Motor
• Vibro Screen with Dust Collector
• Single Person Operation
• An Ideal Machine for Pulverising Thermoplastics (LLDEP/ HDPE / LDPE / PVC / RUBBER)
• Dynamically Balanced Grinding Plates
• Electric servo Control Panel


• Single Screw Extruder, Stainless Steel Cooling Tank With Palletizer
• Screw Design by various types of plastics ratio
• Hard Chrome Plated Screw
•低功耗with high power
• Lowest Maintenance Cost
• Single Man operation

Extruder Machine


• Used in all Polymer Industries
• Used for grinding of all types of plastic articles
• Used in Injection Moulding, Rotomolding, Blow Moulding products
• 5 numbers of cutting blades for grinding
• Single Man Operation and Easy to operate
Scrap Grinder Machine


• Process is same as open flame Rock 'N' Roll Machine
• Maximum Tank Products capacity of the machine is 5000 litres
• Minimum Production Cost and Low Maintenance
Closed Oven Rotomoulding Machine


• The Melted resin sticks in all side of mould
• Upon process completion, arm moves to cooling area and cooling process stars
• When mould becomes cool, the melted polymer resin convert into solid foam and shrink
• Upon completion of process, open the mould and remove the finished product
4 Arms BI-Axial Machine


The mould and used in Rotational Moulding are shell like. They defined the outside shape of the products but do not have an Internal core.
Six key factors for manufacturing method for the moulds are Shapes, Size, Quantity, Appearance, Heat Exchange and Weight Capacity.
单金属用于模具制造aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel.
The mounting of the mould on the arm / plate should not prevent the free passage of air over the entire Surface of the mould otherwise hot spots will occur and cause an uneven distribution of plastic.
The Rotomoulding Moulds are not required dap ribs because the Plastic Powder does not able to infiltrate in ribs


• Pulverizer Machine
• Extruder Machine
• Scrap Cutter Machine
• Material Properties
Material Properties
There are number of primary distinctiveness which, are pleasing in a plastic which is to be rotationally Moulded. Firstly, the flow distinctiveness of the powder is important to the way the plastic tumbles and distributes itself in the mould. Secondly the flow distinctiveness of the melt are important if a even wall thickness is to be achieved and if the melt is to flow into complex shapes. In addition the plastic must have a degree of thermal stability since it is to be subjected to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. These distinctiveness can to varying extends be achieved in most thermoplastics. However in many cases it is the economic considerations which rule out certain materials.


Rotomoulded Tanks
Rotomoulded Water Tanks
旋转的废物箱 Rotomoulded Road Marker Roto Moulded Road Divider
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