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Self Seeker Packaging Ltd. are the leaders in manufacturing of high quality Polybags in India. We manufacture on state of art machinery plain and printed plastic bags including shopping bags, packaging bags and banners.
Our plastic bags are made from the best materials, with sober lines and balanced proportions and colours as per the client's requirements. Our bags are suited to every situation and every possible use. In particular, the choice of Virgin LDPE film, which is 100% recyclable, not only guarantees absolute strength and best quality printing, but also satisfies the needs of increasingly sophisticated and environmentally sensitive international market.
没有性能试验ore have bags like these been made in India. Revivals of latest European designs married to precision technology. These bags are manufactured on state of the art equipment to provide elegance, precision, strength and economy to the bags. The life of bags manufactured by us does not end with the purchase of a product, it is reused on the widest variety of occasions, fulfilling the double functions of both direct and indirect advertising, even after sale. Our bags not only enhance the brand name and the corporate image but also provide our client with a complete, effective service. Our bags truly are "Born To Rule".
To always be aware of the value of good customers. Customers satisfaction is a prime mission and to grow and improve our products productivity and facilities so that we are always in a leadership position. Along with this to recognise our obligation as a concerned corporation and involved citizens of the global community, thereby ensuring Self seeker is at the forefront of technology, quality and conservation with responsibility to the total environment. Individuality is emphasized within the boundary of the total plan and effectiveness of the same. Fair profitability with sharing benefits for our customers and our organization is an objective we strive for, without sacrificing any benefits in a trust partnership. It is our philosophy to be mindful of our ongoing responsibility to our customers, industry and community as well as our suppliers and employees.
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Company Name Self Seeker Packaging Ltd.
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地址 A-261, Okhla Industrial Area-I, New Delhi-110020. India
Contact Number +91 - 11 - 41614559, +91 - 11 - 41708654
Fax +91 - 11 - 41811554
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