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Since 18Years Vora Packaging has been the Leader for EPE Seals, Liners & Gaskets and our Brands �VISEAL� is well recognized in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, and Industrial & Closure Industry in India. We have Built our business on being first to develop innovative sealing solutions for the closure industry which has helped us in getting the growing share in Induction Seal Liners, Lidding Foils & Other Specialty Sealing Solutions Worldwide.
VISEAL SECURASEAL:One Stop Solution for innovation in Freshness, Product Integrity & Aesthetics of your Packaged Product.
Though the Liner is a small component of a Package, its job is multifold Viz: Preserving Freshness by maintaining the Hermetic Seal, Authenticate product integrity through tamper-indication & serve as a medium for consumer awareness by its graphics communication. For performing its best in all above categories liners are engineered to have a multilayered & multistage component which now is considered essential for a package�s success. All our products are engineered for its performance in ever evolving container materials, tamper evident concepts & freshness maintenance requirements by closely monitoring emergent packaging technologies & trends worldwide. As a world�s Leading Consumer Product, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Cosmetic or Food Industry, you can look at Vora Packaging for taking up new challenges that demands new solutions for setting up quality standards in freshness and protection for your packaging program & we are always with you today & forever when an even better system is required in advancement of your state-of- art technology.
The creative department for our company is its applications engineering laboratory. This is where we get together with our customers to think up new ideas for products and put them into practice.
We adopt a quality conscious attitude for all incoming, in process & finished goods inspection program which has led our products conform to various internationally recognized standards for use in food and pharmaceutical application. We have a most modern and high capacity plant which ensures customers a reliable supply consistently. We have a state-of-the-art equipment for determining compression and delamination forces, Complete induction sealing machines from all well-known manufacturers, Instruments for determining opening and closing torques, Pressure testing facilities, Bottle Sealing Equipment,Vernier Calliper,Hardness Tester, Electronic Weighing Balances, Oven tester & Raw material MFI Tester to round off our impressive array of laboratory equipment.
Why Us?
We have a well functioned plant, latest state-of-art machinery, and Technical know-how which incorporate the most recent advancement in plastic, foils & composite lining materials.
We have a quality driven manufacturing philosophy in our plant & are in a process of acquiring ISO9001 Accreditation which represents our commitment to continuous quality improvement.


The most basic thing here is that they seal the container without Tamper Proof. These are the group of liners used inside the Metal & Plastic ROPP Caps. The wadded caps are then screwed onto the rim of the bottle jar. The main function is to prevent Leakage & Maintain Product Freshness. The liners provide resiliency to cover-up the tolerances between the cap & the jar.

Viseal EPE

Non Induction Seal Liners - EPE CapsealsA product group �VISEAL EPE� refers to Foamed Low density Polyethylene core sandwiched between two solid layers of Polyethylene. General purpose Liners & are used where in high degree of compressibility & resiliency is required, Improved Torque Retention.
• Ranges from 0.5mm up to 2.5mm
• Thick in density from 250Kg/m3 to 500kg/m3
• Precut Discs are available from as low as 17.5mm to 119mm
• VISEAL EPE materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form

Viseal AR 500

A product group �VISEAL AR500� refers to Three Ply Co-extruded Foamed Polyolefin Elastomer sandwiched between two solid layers of Polyethylene. Good Flavor Retention Properties, Low compression Set & An ideal replacement for PVC Faced Cork Liners.
High resistant to Distortion. Especially designed for Pharmaceuticals
• Ranges from 0.5mm up to 2.5mm
• Thick in density from 250Kg/m3 to 500kg/m3
• Precut Discs are available from as low as 17.5mm to 119mm
• VISEAL AR 500 materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form

Viseal Soft

• A product group VISEAL SOFT refers to Single Solid Linear Low Density Polyethylene Extruded
•推荐水果Juices, Syrups, and Chemicals
• High Resistance to Environmental Stress Cracking
• Ranges from 0.5mm up to 2.5mm
• Thick in density from 250Kg/m3 to 500kg/m3
• Precut Discs are available from as low as 17.5mm to 119mm
• VISEAL SOFT materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Viseal TPR

• A product group �VISEAL TPR� refers to Solid Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber Liners
• Low Compression set
• High Resiliency. No Rubber chemicals
• Low Oxygen & Water Vapor Transmission
• Ideal replacement for Latex & SBR Liners
• Ranges from 1.0mm to 2.5mm thick
• Precut Discs are available from as low as 17.5mm to 119mm
• VISEAL TPR materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form

Viseal BSS (Both Side Sealed)

Viseal EPE & Viseal AR 500 can be laminated with one side or both sides with following materials
• PP
• PVDC (Saran)
• Aluminum Foil / PE
Aluminum Foil / PET


Induction Seal LinersA product group �SECURASEAL� refers to the range of Induction Seal Liners (HIS) lining materials. Securaseal provides a hermetic seal and increases the storage life of the product contents.Securaseal provides the customer with proof of Tamper evidence and acts to discourage pilferage.Securaseal can be printed or embossed on the surface hence provides an Ideal Platform for further brand promotion & Aesthetic Appeal.
All Induction Sealing Materials can be divided into two components viz: Single Piece Base Liners & the Sealing Film. Sealing Film have the Aluminum Foil available in thickness of as low as 9 Microns to 60 Microns.& a sealant suitable for it appropriate container.
The broadly uses Base Lining Materials in Induction Sealing are:
• Duplex Board
• Pulp Board (FBB)
All these base liners can also be laminated with Paper, PE, PET or many other available substrates to get the additional properties along with the basic properties of the base liners.
The broadly used Sealing Material combinations are:
感应Capseal• Foil / Sealant
• Paper / Foil /Sealant
• Foil / Universal Coat
• Paper / Foil / Universal Coat.
• PE / Foil / Sealant
• PET / Foil /Sealant
• PE / Foil / PET / Sealant
• PET / Foil / PET / Sealant
• Paper / Foil / PET /Sealant
• Sealants are available for sealing containers having Dry & Liquid Products.
• Sealants suitable for PE, PET, PVC, PP, PS, and Glass Containers are provided.

Single Piece Induction Liner

A product group �Single Piece liners� refers to Induction Seal Liners having no backing materials. These are also available with Pull-tab used for easy removing the Seal from the bottle or Jar.
In Single Piece Induction Liners, The Base liners is laminated to various possible sealing material combinations but are not wax bonded.
• Aluminum Foil / PE
• Aluminum Foil / HS-PET
• Aluminum Foil / Universal Coat.(Peel able)
• Aluminum Foil/ Universal Coat (Weld)
Securaseal One Piece Induction Seal Liner materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Two Piece Induction Liner

The Single Piece Base Liners are wax bonded to the Sealing Film viz: Aluminum Foil / Sealant. The wax helps in temporary bonding of the Base Liners to the Foil. Once it passes through the induction Machine, wax melts & the Base Liners retains inside the cap & the bottle rim gets sealed by the Foil & Sealing Film.
Various Possible Combinations of Base Lining Materials & Sealing Materials described above can be made available to serve the customers requirement for maintaining product freshness.
Securaseal两件感应密封衬垫材料s are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Lidding Foil Seals

These Foils seals are laminated with suitable sealant & punched in a desired shape. These are available with & without pull-tab.
Precut disc from as low as 17.5mm to 119mm size are available. Circular, Square or Rectangular, any shape can be made available.
Securaseal Lidding Foil seal materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Printed Graphics for Liners & Lidding Foil Seals

The Foil sealed on the bottle becomes the focal point when a consumer opens the bottle. This is used as a perfect form for strategic communication.
Sealing material combinations & Lidding foils are printable in multiple colors in Random & Registered imprints.
�Sealed for your protection�, �Quality Sealed Inside� are some of the advisories available. Apart form this, Custom Logos; Special Prints & even Holograms can be printed to suit the customer requirement.
We can give an added advantage to consumer as a centre printing as per the requirement.

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